10 Rules Meghan Markle Had to Follow at Her Royal Wedding

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married last month and naturally, the wedding was basically a dream wedding for every woman out there. However, not everything was simple and easy, and since the Royal family still operates according to some traditions, Meghan had to do a bunch of things that not every bride out there has to.

1. A long-sleeved dress is basically a must

Modesty is expected at a royal wedding, and it is somewhat of an unwritten rule that the bride has to wear a long-sleeved dress.

2. Her dress had to be white

It was Queen Victoria who began the trend in 1840. Ever since that point, every bride was expected to wear white at her royal wedding.

3. Meghan had to make her royal bouquet

Another long-standing tradition. Markle made sure that her bouquet’s flowers symbolize purity, virtue, sincerity. She also wanted to pay homage to Harry’s late mother, the beloved Princess Diana.

4. No kissing in the church!

Yes, that’s the rule. Most still consider the church to be a holy place in which you cannot commit such an act. So there was no “you may now kiss the bride”. They had to do it outside.

5. The bride has to wear a tiara

It’s up to the bride to decide, but Meghan was naturally not keen on braking this tradition.

6. Lace is also a must

It’s basically weird to see a royal bride without a lace, so naturally, Meghan wore one as well.

7. The Queen has to approve the dress

Yes, that’s right. The Queen is the boss. Meghan had the freedom of making dress and everything, but she still had to get the final approval from the Queen.

8. No gifts at the wedding

The couple chose this themselves. However, it’s still somewhat of a must at a royal wedding. Those who wanted to gift the newlyweds were actually asked to donate to a couple of charities.

9. A specific wedding ring

Besides the fact that the Prince can choose whether or not he’ll wear a ring, the bride has to have a ring made from Clogau or Welsh gold. The tradition started back in the 1920s.

10. A certain color of nail polish

Even such a small, seemingly unimportant detail had to be respected. Meghan had to wear at least a very similar color to the one the Queen wears.

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