2020 Has Helped Parents Bond With Their Kids Better

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2020 has to be the most turbulent years in recent history. With the pandemic, job losses, and many related global problems, it’s unexpected that the year had some positive lessons. Surprisingly, for 72% of millennial parents in a recent survey, it actually did.

Parents are now more compassionate

OnePoll surveyed Millie Moon, a new luxury diaper brand. It involved 2000 participants who are all millennial parents on how 2020 impacted their parenting habits.

According to the study, 72% of millennial parents have been more compassionate parents since the onset of the pandemic, while an additional 73% appreciate the moments they are spending with their kids. The poll also discovered that the parents are increasing the time they physically spend with their kids.

Since the pandemic, two-thirds of the parents have also become more compassionate people and are buying products with charitable links. According to the poll, COVID 19 is the main reason for these decisions while the Black Lives Matter and the economic crisis played a role.44% of parents also say that to soften the impact the year had on their kids, they lessened their emphasis on good performance t school.

Apart from changes in how they parent, the participants also admitted to making other major changes to their priorities. 43% said that they’re planning to advance their careers further down their list of priorities.

Leading by example

Two-thirds of the participants also plan to lead their children by example, while almost half intend to increase their donations to charity. They also hope that their children will learn how to give back.

Amelia Watson, Global Marketing Manager at Moon, says in a statement that although the year was full of challenges, it’s refreshing to see that 73% of parents were able to use the experience to prioritize their children. She adds that these precious moments are the most important.

Parents are also relying on TV shows and stories to educate and instill values in their children. The study also reveals that 48% of the parents take storytime to bond with their kids.

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