A Close Outlook At The Best American Express Credit Cards

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Different people will always have different consumer habits. Each one of them needs to choose what is good for him or her when it comes to the choice of the American Express credit cards. Experts have taken the time to analyze what Americans spend on an annual basis and in that regard come up with what is favorable for every person.

One outstanding attribute about the American Express credit cards is the way they offer some pretty lucrative rewards to users. These may, for instance, take the form of some unique card designs or a countless number of perks.

Notably, most of the American Express credit cards are usually require some annual fees that could in some instances hit the $600 mark. However, one can find some associated with some pretty low fees or even ones charging zero fees.

Here is a breakdown of the best as done by CNBC select.

The Best cash-back card

This happens to be one of the most outstanding options for anyone in need of car refueling, streaming a favorite TV show or even in seeking out some new recipe. The good thing about the Best cash-back card is the point that it in most cases rewards the purchases made. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card has over the years been an outstanding option for those seeking to buy groceries, pay subscriptions and much more. It is about the associated cash-back program which is focused on this nature of purchases.

Some of the eligible subscriptions include Disney+, Spotify, Netflix and much more. The associated rewards are not everything one should be focused upon. It also feels good getting that opportunity where one doesn’t have to pay anything in form of interest over the first 12 months.

Best no-annual-fee card

This one is known to be pretty competitive and its rewards are quite similar to the ones offered by the Blue Cash Preferred card. Users earn a 2% cashback at some select departmental stores in the US and also in most of the gas stations.


The above two are not the only ones. There are also others including the best balance transfer card such as the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card, a travel card like American Express® Gold Card and the luxury card The Platinum Card® from American Express.

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