A Little Playfulness Could Rekindle Your Slow Relationship

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Even the sturdiest relationships sometimes get stuck in a rut and all the things that were previously exciting start to become routine and monotonous. If you are in such a relationship, then you might want to consider plating with your partner more often

Playfulness is not just for the kids

According to a new study, how playful you get with your partner influences even how satisfied you are with your sex life. It can even go as far as influencing the lifetime of your relationship.

In a journal published on Social and Personality Psychology Compass, the researchers observed that playing is not just designed for children. The right level of playfulness can turn a dying relationship into a steamy romance experienced in a new relationship.

Playfulness in the relationship encourages positive emotions, which supports certain biological processes like activating brain circuits and hormones. Additionally, playfulness increases the level of emotional connection between you and your partner.

Playfulness in a relationship can also lead to improved communication skills in a relationship. In situations where some sensitive information needs to be communicated, couples can use playfulness to soften the mood.

Constant surprises, retelling mutual experiences, engaging in couple’s activities are some of the most recommended playful actions that are sure to strengthen your relationship. According to Martin Luther University’s Kay Brauer, playfulness can affect relationship satisfaction and trust, thereby affecting the relationship’s longevity.

Limited studies on playfulness and adult relationships

Surprisingly, there are so many studies on how playing affects children, while there are so few that focus on the impact of playfulness on adult relationships. However, the few existing ones show the ability of adult playfulness to maintain relationships. This has also been noticed in animal relationships through rough play and facial expressions.

One theory explaining why playfulness is so beneficial to human relationships is that it elicits positive emotions, making it easier to bond. Another theory suggests that playfulness makes one look more attractive and can even be a mating call.

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