American Football vs Football: Which Is Better?

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First of all, people need to understand something. And by people, I mean Americans. You see, American football or just football as you call it is not football. Soccer is football. Why? Because in soccer you kick the ball with your foot, hence the name ‘foot’-‘ball’. In American football, you mostly carry the ball in your hands, which is why it doesn’t make sense to call it football. Besides, the ball is barely a ball as it isn’t round. That’s just basic reality right there. And no, I’m not trying to diminish the value of this sport, I’m just telling it as it is. I actually really like American football.

Now on to the comparison of these two hugely popular sports. First of all, both sports are hard to play, but in a different way. In American football, you often need to be big and have a lot of raw physical strength in order to play. In football, fitness is the most important thing. However, what’s even more important is that you have a lot of stamina as you are running almost constantly for the entirety of the game. Because of all of this, it’s easier to see a big difference in these two sports. American football players can often be big and even obese, whereas in football you simply must be lean and fit or you’ll never make it.

When it comes to the very games themselves, American football is certainly more complex. It involves a lot of planning, tactics, and using hundreds of different strategies. In football, this isn’t really the case. There’s still a lot of strategy involved and everything, but it isn’t as complex and it’s more straightforward. You just have to get the ball into the opponent’s goal…

But which sport is better? Neither! as it’s all about personal preferences. Oh come on, don’t feel cheated, why would you want to get a clear winner between sports? Every type of sport is great and deserves to be played. Besides that, you play and try to win in a game, not win a crossover game between two different games. That’s not even possible…

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