Americans to Spend Heavily on Concerts, Weddings, and Vacations in 2022

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Most Americans recall the change that pulled along with the summer of 2021. Covid-17 was a nightmare that stole their joy, and it felt great restarting life. The deadly pandemic forced most people to remain within their homes’ confines, which was frustrating. A recent poll involving about 2000 adults reveals Americans’ attitude change.


The survey indicates that 62% of Americans focused on reaching their set life goals. They have a lot to do this year and traveling tops the list. Travel could be domestic or abroad in respective percentages of 44% and 39%. The rates for those wishing to have babies or buy new homes are lower, at 35% and 26%.

The 2022 poll focused on over 1,100 respondents and disclosed important details about the aspirations of the different people. About 64% of the respondents preferred trips with family and friends. The figure for those interested in road trips stood at 50%. The poll shows that 48% are interested in trips to places they have never been to before in their lives.

There is a section of people who don’t plan to travel this year but may want to move next year. The people wanting to go for vacations in the coming year reveal the amounts they wish to spend when the time finally comes. About 54% of them say they will exceed their usual travel budget. Those respondents say that the Cobid-19 pandemic affected them immensely and wish to make up for the lost time.

OnePoll surveyed on behalf of Affirm, and it stipulated the rest of the events Americans wished to undertake apart from travel. The survey shows that 38% expect to buy cars, 37% want to enjoy concerts or festivals, 34% wish to attend weddings, and 37% dream of furnishing their new apartments or homes.

The wedding boom

An average American citizen hopes to attend at least four weddings this year. About 28% will conduct their wedding. The poll shows that 35% will attend a sequel wedding, and 39% will settle for destination weddings.

Americans start all over again with home upgrades, vacations, and more.

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