Apparel Subscription Boxes You Should Consider In 2020

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Shopping through subscription boxes is currently one of the hottest trends right now. This is because it allows shoppers to enjoy a personalized experience, even when purchasing products online. Here are some of the best subscription boxes for the discerning shopper that wants to enjoy a good online experience.

Le Tote

It is one of the most popular subscription boxes, and it offers three different subscriptions. The most expensive subscription goes for $119 through which customers receive 15 items sent to them every month, including accessories. There is also a $99 option, which features 10 items and a $79 option where you receive 8 items. The lower-priced options come with fewer accessories.

Le Tote offers free shipping and free returns if you receive any items that you did not like. It also ensures that you receive trendy items. The downside is that Le Tote mainly focuses on the female demographic. The other disadvantage is that it is not exactly budget-friendly.

Stitch Fix

This is another styling service, particularly because it offers its services at a more affordable price range than some of its rivals. When you subscribe to this service, you receive 5 clothing and accessories that are selected based on your preferences. You will also be required to pay a $20 fee, which will is charged for the services rendered.

You get discounts if you prefer to keep everything that comes in the box, and you also enjoy services that are selected based on your budget. However, you do not get a refund of the service fee if you return everything.

Frank and Oak Style Plan

It takes into account your preferences, which you provide while signing up, and then it selects items which you will likely prefer. The service delivers 3 items every month, although it allows you to review the products before they are shipped. This allows you to remove any pieces that you do not like. It also charges $25 as a service fee per box. Also note that it offers its services for men, women, and children.


Buying underwear is not exactly the fanciest activity out there, and it is often something that many people do not remember. However, it is important to have some clean and fresh undies available, and that is why MeUndies exists to pick out undies on behalf of customers.

The subscription fee for men is $16 and $14 for women. Every monthly order comes with a pair of undies, which is quite reasonable because you get to enjoy two new ones every month rather than buying in bulk. It puts the fun back in underwear buying. It also works out well for the service from a business point.

Dia & Co.

This is not just a styling service but also a rental service for clothes, and it only focuses on women’s apparel. It charges a monthly fee of $49, and it is ideal for anyone that wants to rock stylish outfits every now and then without the commitment of owning them. This means you do not have to worry about clothes piling up in your closet, especially if you do not use most of them. You can return an item for something else once you are done with it.

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