Apple Maps To Show The Distribution Of The COVID-19 Testing Centers Across The US

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Apple has plans underway to start displaying the various CVID-19 testing centers in its Apple Maps. It is indeed true that it hasn’t yet pointed out to any particular date, but it confirms that it will do as it promised. The company asserts that it will be able to show that the testing centers are quite a few across the country through its maps. This is just one of the many of the company initiatives set to be implemented this year.

The business guru has over been the kind that is opening to striking progressive partnerships. For instance, it recently collaborated with Google in an initiative that saw the two set up a cross-platform coronavirus-tracking tool. According to Apple, the tool was going to play a massive role in bridging Android and iOS. The target is to empower people in such a way that they will be in the position to establish whether or not they had come in contact with a person with the virus. The company projects that by May the API will have been made open to the various developers focusing on coming up with the health apps.

It was sometime back that President Donald Trump promised that the citizens would be benefiting from some drive-through testing facilities. That was precisely a month ago and it is impressive that the leader has lived to his word. The progress might be pretty slow, but it is surely happening.

Walgreens has become among the first businesses to unveil their testing centers. It successfully opened its 15 drive-through testing centers and that was across about seven states. All that happened over the previous week.

CVS is the other one and it reports that it has successfully opened some three-drive through testing centers to cater to the needs of the Americans through these trying times. Walmart is the third business giant that has shown a commitment in the same regard by opening some two more. However, it has made it clear that people will only be attended to after the confirmation that they booked an appointment in advance. The maps by Apple are set to detail important information such as the accessibility of the testing centers. One would also be able to tell the exact location. That will be in terms of whether the facility is inside a building or in a parking lot. Some could also be set in some exiting labs.

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