Are You An Aspiring Software Engineer? Coding Is A Rather Unique Option To Earn You A Higher Salary

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For the last 50years, the US labor market has been in its best shape. Besides, the country’s economy is one of the strongest across the world, supporting hundreds of other small economies. However, things have taken a different turn as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which has swept across the country.

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and numbers of those filing for initial unemployment benefits continue to increase as a result of the closure of businesses. Hospitality, travel, and leisure industries have been hardest hit, and even if the economy recovers, it will take time.

But Could It Be A Great Time To Start Learning A New Skill?

The coronavirus outbreak is full of uncertainty, and among other measures, social distancing and self-isolating at home must be adhered to by everyone. However, it could also be a great time to tap into some new knowledge.

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in the 2020s. This is according to the jobs site According to analysts, the best jobs have been classified into three categories the number of postings, the job title’s growth, and the average pay.

Among the 1 million total listings on, the software architect is a promising job. They make high decisions in line with the design and standard of codes commonly used in various platforms. This was followed by full-stack developer jobs, which applies coding skills more often. Having a specific coding language is not a major requirement. This is because skills are convertible across other languages.

Which Languages Are Related To The Highest-Paying Jobs?

Programming roles do not require an advanced degree even though they offer the highest-graded positions in the market. There are more than 116,000 software developers who are always working out coded languages. See below some of the common coding languages: –

  • C++

The salary associated with this language is about 1.6% higher than the average salary across the globe. It is such an interactive tutorial for beginners and can be found on Udemy. The salary stands at $55,363.10.

  • JavaScript

It is available on YouTube, and CodeAcademy offers a free class for beginners. It can also be found on Learn JS with a 2.2% salary higher than the global average with a salary of $55,690.

  • Python

The language has an average global salary of $56,670.90. This is 4% higher than the usual salary. It can be found on YouTube channel CS Dojo as a video explainer and on Udemy as a free introductory course.

  • TypeScript

This interactive Scrimba course has an average salary of 5.4% higher than what is offered. This translates to $57,433.70 and can be accessed from FreeCodeCamp as well as KoderHQ. Nonetheless, it is usually more helpful when one has JavaScript knowledge.

  • Kotlin

The language is available on YouTube from FreeCodeCamp. This is for beginners, while those with coding knowledge can find it on The salary for any skillful person is around $58,196.60.

  • C#

You will earn a hoping $58,469.10, which is 7.3% higher than what is offered. YouTube has multiple videos on the language, and its basics suitable for beginners are available on CodeEasy.Net.

  • Perl

The courses under this language offer a basic understanding of coding. However, it is advisable to have some knowledge in other languages such as Python or JavaScript. Developers experienced in this language earn an average salary of about $84,025.50.

Other languages include: –

  • Ruby with a salary of $72,146
  • Go with a salary of $72,691.30
  • Scala with a salary of $77,159.60

All these have a different level of understanding and growing demand. The good news is that there are no many free learning materials for any aspiring developer.

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