Planning To Study Abroad, Here Is How Much it Costs

Studying abroad is an enriching experience that allows one to explore new countries and cultures. However, studying abroad is costly and it is the most common barrier for most students seeking to study abroad. The cost of studying abroad depends on the college one is enrolled in and the country and city. Although the cost of studying abroad is a major concern there are various ways of cutting the cost and making it accessible and affordable.

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How much it costs to study abroad

Before considering an overseas program it is important to look at the expenses of various programs to see the total costs of pursuing the program. There is no average consensus on the cost of studying abroad and therefore you can check on how much a program will cost from your college’s study abroad department.

For instance, Iowa State University and the University of Washington indicate that studying in German and Spain respectively will cost around $13,800. This is after factoring program fees, tuition, books, housing, insurance, and transport as well as other fees and costs. According to the International Institute of Education on average an overseas program will cost around $36,000 per academic year and this could be higher or lower depending on external factors.

Other expenses

Besides costs covering the program, there are also other expenses that one can incur similar to those of studying at home. This includes housing, food, transport, and entertainment. Housing, for instance, will vary depending on the country and city where one is studying.

Most programs may include the cost of housing in the program fees which includes dormitories or homestays where meals are offered. It is this important to search for housing prior and budge for necessary expenses. Equally, transport is another expense you may incur while study abroad. If you are using public transport this may vary from city to city over time because of currency fluctuations.

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