Avoid Hot Showers As They Can Cause Inflammation and Itchiness, Warns Dermatologist

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Many individuals may be showering incorrectly, according to British dermatologist Dr. Alia Ahmaed. Common mistakes include prolonged showers, neglecting certain body parts like ears, toes, and legs, and excessive use of shower products. The expert emphasizes that proper scrubbing is essential for effective cleansing.

Hot showers can cause skin irritation

Ahmed suggests 10 showering practices for improved skin health and appearance. Essential recommendations include thorough rinsing of all products, avoiding skin irritants like alcohol, and opting for warm showers instead of hot ones.

A survey of 2,000 British adults indicates that 56% prefer hot showers, and 70% tend to raise the temperature during colder months. Dr. Ahmed advises against hot showers in cold weather, explaining that they can cause blood vessel dilation, leading to inflammation and itchiness.

Dermatologists advice against prolonged showers and emphasize the negative effects of extended exposure to hard water. The recommended duration is five minutes, as longer showers may lead to skin dryness and irritation due to potential build-up from hard water. Despite this advice, the survey reveals that adults typically spend double the recommended time, averaging around 10 minutes, with 41% expressing a desire for even longer showers if time allowed.

Approximately 52% of individuals prioritize a good lather when using body wash, while 35% employ sponges or washcloths for challenging areas. Surprisingly, 10% engage in double-cleansing with body wash. In general, 85% value the feeling of being “squeaky clean” after a shower.

People should avoid double cleansing after showering

The dermatologist advises against double-cleansing after a shower unless you feel a specific need for it. The desire for a squeaky-clean feeling, often associated with hygiene, may not be necessary and could indicate that the skincare products used are overly drying the skin.

Dr. Ahmed’s advice for improving shower habits includes using hands instead of a washcloth, washing extremities thoroughly, limiting showers to once a day, ensuring proper product removal, regulating water temperature, avoiding excessive heat or cold, skipping double cleansing with a moisturizing body wash, using a moderate amount of product, washing the face separately with lukewarm water, and opting for skin-nourishing products over harsh ones.

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