Best Vegetable Boxes To Deliver Fresh Produce In

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For health or for the environment, there has been persistent and more informed discussions on why people should embrace eating more fruits and vegetables. Perhaps even to the point of doing away with meat or dairy products. For this reason, demand for fruits and vegetables has gone up. Veg box companies have benefitted a lot from this shift.

Add the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic and the measures that have been put up to curb its spread and you have an even better opportunity for the growth of the veg box industry. With curfews and lockdown imposed, online veg box companies have had an increase in sales. This of course has led to the cropping up of new players.

There are considerations to be made when buying a veg box e.g. the number of people you are catering for, what is in the veg box etc. In this article, we will go through some of the best veg box companies and why they are the best.

The no-potatoes premade selection is our best from the varieties available from Eversfield. At only £17.95, the box which can feed between 3 to 5 people in a week comes packed with kale, mushrooms, courgates and red peppers, carrots and white onions.

Orders above £80 are afforded free delivery across the country.

At only £19, this completely organic Abel & Cole box comes with padron peppers, sea spinach, a bunch of mint & ginger (herbs and spices).

Their newly introduces summer box has: broad beans, potatoes, mini-avocados, mixed salad leaves. The good thing about Abel & Cole is that they have a site with recipes which can prove useful as your experiment with what’s in their veg boxes.

Delivery is nationwide.

Riverford is known for its seasonal-inspired organic veg boxes. Their no airfreight policy also ensures that your purchase comes to you with minimal carbon contamination.

At only £15.35, their boxes usually contain the likes of broad beans, new potatoes, red peppers from Spain as well as globe artichokes.

Boxxfresh has perhaps the best selection policy of all veg boxes. The literal boxes vary in size, from small which can carry 10 items to X large which can hold 25 pieces. In the slots provided in the box, you choose the fruit or vegetable of your choice to fill the space.

At only £17 this feels like quite the bargain. Each item selected is wrapped in a brown paper. The items you choose are sourced from various producers across the region and delivery is nationwide.

Pale Green Dot is one of the companies that has been forced to innovate due the Corona Virus pandemic. This innovation has led them to go into home-based deliveries. But that is a win for us. You can choice between a one-off sale or a subscription based weekly plan.

They handle delivery in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. They have varieties but one of the favorites is the premium fruit and veg box which comes with seasonal items together with the regular items. The best thing about its products is that they are grown organically.

Darts Farm has been in the market for over 25 years and had sold the produce from its farm primarily from its farm shop; well, that was until recently when it went online. With this, it also began selling produce from Westcountry producers.

At only £11, one can buy a veg box with six different types of vegetables. The veg box regulars include: potatoes, carrots and onions plus the seasonal items.

This veg box also has a subscription plan or one can be only once. It deals in 3kg-tomato cases. Tomato stall was in business with restaurants before the pandemic but that has since forced it adjust its business to include homes to.

The price is £19.50 for a case with between 12-15 tomatoes with delivery provided nationwide.


There is no clear winner as it depends with the needs of an individual, however, the best ones for us were: Eversfield, Boxxfresh and Pale Green Dot.

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