Bill Maher Undermines Bill Clinton’s Assertion That She Used Monica Lewinsky To Manage His “Anxieties

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A lot of people know William Maher as a political commentator and also as the host of a show called ‘Real Time.’ Others know the gentleman for his late-night show known as Politically Incorrect. Maher has this time around captured headlines after he slammed the former US President Bill Clinton. The comedian thinks that it was irresponsible for the retired president to use inappropriate words in describing his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Maher believes there was more to the relationship

Clinton’s wife Hillary has been managing a documentary series called ‘Hillary.’ It was in the documentary that the 73-year old Bill undermined the affair he once had with Lewinsky outlining that it served the purpose of managing his anxieties.

It was a relationship that spun about two years, having started when Lewinsky was about 22. That was way back in 1995, and in several captured incidences, the president gave out gifts to the 22-year old back then. One of the gifts was a book of poetry. There is also a tape showing the president in very high spirits with Lewinsky, and Maher believes there is every reason to believe that the affair mattered to the former president.

Clinton comes out as being inconsiderate

This political commentator slammed Bill, outlining that he had uttered terrible words. Maher believes that Clinton ought to have put Lewinsky’s life and feelings into consideration before moving ahead to utter such words. He thinks it as rather inconsiderate using someone to deal with anxieties that one faces in life. Clinton needed to have thought about the havoc and pain his words would cause Lewinsky.

Clinton had outlined that pressures and disappointments of all sorts characterized his life. At times it was about fears over terrorism, and in others, he had other fears. According to him, he needed Lewinsky to help him cool down. This is something that Maher hasn’t taken kindly!

There was also an incident where Hillary revealed that it had been devastating for her to learn about her husband’s affair with Lewinsky. She outlined that it hurt a great deal and will remain to be part of her most horrible experiences in life.

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