Breakthrough Discovery Of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers To Aid Diagnosis

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UniSA scientists have discovered three novel prostate cancer biomarkers that can help to ascertain aggressive cases of the disease. Aggressive prostate cancer kills over 300,000 men annually.

Discovered biomarkers to aid pathologists in cancer diagnosis

An exceptional discovery has been achieved by a group of global researchers under the guidance of Professor Doug Brooks, an esteemed expert in Molecular Medicine at UniSA. This groundbreaking development proves to be of great aid to pathologists in effectively examining prostate cancer within patient tissue samples.

Through the implementation of these novel biomarkers in conjunction, medical practitioners can now make better-informed decisions regarding the urgency of radical treatment for specific patients, as opposed to those who can be closely monitored.

UniSA researchers collaborated with Envision Sciences, an Australian company. On the tech that seeks to enhance patient management and treatment outcomes. With more than 1 million annual prostate cancer diagnoses globally, this development is highly welcome. The technology is expected to enhance patient care and treatment results, potentially revolutionizing the diagnosis and grading process for prostate cancer.

Brooks explained that the biomarkers have high sensitivity and specificity for tracking cancer progression and determining its grade. He added that the breakthrough has resulted in the creation of a test that assesses cancer’s aggressiveness and advancement, indicating the urgency for treatment.

UniSA collaborates with Quest Diagnostics

Envision Sciences, a sponsor of the technology’s development and translation at UniSA, has partnered with Quest Diagnostics, the largest US tissue diagnostic pathology company, for commercialization of the tech. The technology is set to enter clinical practice pending successful outcomes in the US. Subsequent clinical trials are also anticipated to take place in Australia.

UniSA’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington AO, has hailed the recent discovery as revolutionary and potentially life-saving. The collaboration between UniSA and Envision Sciences marks a significant advancement in the field of cancer research.

According to Professor Hughes-Warrington, this cutting-edge technology presents a transformative approach to assessing and forecasting the severity of prostate cancer. The positive impact it could have in the future is highly anticipated.

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