Can Marijuana Really Ease The Symptoms Of Menopause?

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The cannabis legalization frenzy in North America has pushed conversations about the health benefits that it can offer. Some scientific studies have observed that cannabis can reduce PTSD albeit temporarily and it also helps to ease the symptoms of numerous other illnesses.

A recent survey revealed that more women have started using cannabis to ease the symptoms of menopause. The onset of menopause usually comes with various symptoms such as night sweats and menopause. The study shows that the number of women that have been using marijuana for this purpose has been increasing and there is a significant number of women who haven’t used it that have expressed interest in its benefits.

The study involved 232 women in North California with an average age at 56 years old. More than half of them stated that they regularly experience severe menopause symptoms including sweating and hot flashes at night. 27 percent of them revealed that they experience insomnia. The survey also revealed that more than 25 percent of the women who participated in the study have been using cannabis to ease menopause symptoms. 10 percent out of those that have not been using cannabis stated that they were interested in trying it out in the future as a potential solution for their menopause symptoms.

Where does scientific research stand on the matter?

The data collected through the survey indicates that more women going through menopause are finding relief in cannabis. However, there is no scientific research to back the findings of the survey. This is just one of the many areas that researchers are yet to explore with regard to the use of cannabis. There has previously not been a lot of research on cannabis because cannabis was largely illegal and so there was no incentive for marijuana-related research.

The dawn of cannabis legalization has paved way for the creation of an entire industry for the sale of cannabis and related products. This means that the incentive for scientific research on marijuana has been increasing. Also worth noting is that some scientific research has already been conducted and the results are mixed. For example, while it might ease PTSD and a few other illnesses, it also puts users at risk of dependency and a few other negative effects might arise.

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