Co-Working Spaces Are Trending And the Flip of the Calendar Will Not Change That

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Co-working spaces are becoming popular by the day, the reason being a majority of enterprises are viewing them as a cost-effective measure. Additionally, they are turning out to be great aspirations for many employees. Thus, as their demand continues to rise so are the co-working trends.

The concept has caught many people unawares and intrigued especially by the comfort and the low price that comes with the hiring of the spaces. Besides, they are a great deal for small businesses and startups, which are struggling to scale upwards. Nonetheless, as the word gets out, there is much more to expect in the coming years.

Benefits of a co-shared working environment

The creation of an unparalleled experience thanks to the state-of-the-art amenities. The co-shared working environment offers a standardized environment to its members, ample expansion opportunities and many opportunities for expanding the original geographical footprint.

It offers more networking opportunities. Networking is powerful and very vital for both individuals and businesses. A co-working space creates opportunities for meeting and connecting with more people from different industries and backgrounds.

It is a waste reduction strategy for many businesses, which transforms into a cost-saving measure. There is also the cutting of costs in Internet-of-Things, visitor management systems, mobile apps and anything, which requires technological interventions. On the other hand, sustainable workspace plays a significant role in the broader ecosystem. We are talking about indoor air quality when there is good lighting.

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are quickly adopting the use of collaborative and productive spaces. In any case, a recent survey indicated that about 40 percent of those using co-working spaces have obtained new businesses from a new person. Others reported having made new friends and business partners.

In the year 2020 more is expected to evolve to accommodate every day need for co-working spaces. Speculations indicate a significant growth of up to 7-9 million sq. ft. from 5.4 million sq. ft. in 2018. They will also have to accommodate some of the latest trends and designs to revolutionize the overall customer experience. In any case, the customers expect something more than the office and the results must also be beneficial.

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