Expert Advice To Help Lift A Credit Score In The Low 600s To The Highest Point

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There are some important and working insights for those persons that need to improve their credit score from the low 600s to the peak. The good news is that the constant checks are not necessary. A personal finance guru had a lot to share about her success. Kara Stevens admits that her credit score was extremely low.

Initially, she thought that lifting it from the low 600s was an uphill task. However, today she talks of a completely different story. The calculations conducted using Equifax show the current figure standing at about 766, which is a pretty excellent improvement. It is a figure attained using the VantageScore 3.0 model.

Stevens admits that her credit journey hasn’t been an easy one, but she is quite happy about her massive credit jump. She recounts that she didn’t have to pay out anything initially.

The journey can be traced back to her college days, which, according to her, were pretty rough. By the time she was graduating, she reveals that she had a debt amounting to a couple of thousand dollars. The massive accumulation was because she had not been paying back regularly. The mistake ballooned, and later she couldn’t believe how much debt she had.

Stevens says that in her college days, she kept on buying stuff. The sad bit was that she kept assuming everything was taken care of. She says that there are a few times she could open up bills, but she never took it seriously that the bills were piling up.

However, it got to a point where her mother noticed the mistakes she had been making. It was at that point that the mother started advising her accordingly. She thanks her mother for being the voice of reason at such a point.

Stevens says that it was a good thing seeing her credit rise from OK to “excellent.” She had discovered that the secret to raising her credit score was by paying her credit on time. It also took the payment of the credit in full. Stevens encourages everyone to make payments in good time. She also emphasizes the great need to make the payment in full. Her source of confidence is that things worked out for her, and she intends to uphold that.

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