Fallout 4 – Everything That Makes the Game Great

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Ever since Fallout 3 came out and time passed, people have been craving for more of this awesome post-apocalyptic world. There’s a good reason for it, it’s just amazing! Besides the fact that Bethesda tends to create the best RPGs of our age, they really care for what they make. This is something that’s quite evident in the Fallout series.

One of the reasons Fallout 4 is truly a great game is the level of details. They really outdid themselves with this one. They didn’t create anything new or revolutionary, but they did continue the trend. However, they also added more to it. A lot more.

This is where Fallout 4 shines. There’s just so much to do in it. Whenever you get bored, you can just randomly start moving around and you are bound to find something interesting.

A thing that really annoyed me with this game is its lack of story and missions. There’s just not enough content here. But when you start looking for it, you always find something that will really occupy you. If not that, you’ll find some interesting place where you can kill some challenging enemies and reveal a whole story there. You can attack a random place and find yourself two hours deep inside some caves there, still discovering its hidden secrets.

Whenever you get bored with that, you can just go back to your settlement and talk to your people or add something new to the place. If not that, why not improve your weapons. Or, just go sell some stuff and buy something new. If not that… yeah, this could go on and on.

Eventually, you’ll just realize that you’ve spent many hours on many days having fun with this gem. And isn’t that enough? Why would you need more? This game wasn’t made to offer anything else. It was made to offer you a lot of long-term fun with a bunch of things to do. I don’t know, but from time to time, each of us needs such a great game to relax with and have some fun within the vastness of its world packed with all sorts of things.

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