Five Part-Time Jobs For Seniors To Make Extra Cash

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Part-Time Jobs

The number of seniors who are working has almost doubled since 2000. The increase in the number of seniors working is mainly for financial reasons. However, others may seek employment to avoid boredom, to continue interactions with people, to feel productive as well as learn new things, among others. Here are some of the part-time jobs that seniors can do.

Ridesharing driver

The gig economy is growing fast, presenting numerous opportunities that seniors can leverage. Being an Uber or Lyft driver offers one flexibility and control of the works they can work. For a senior who has a license and a car that is in perfect shape, they can make some decent income by working part-time as a driver. On average, a driver can make between $30 and $40 per hour, including tips depending on the trips and location.


For seniors with special skills or levels of experience that individuals in a given industry don’t have, they can work as consultants. You can begin by contacting your former workplace and other organizations that might be interested in the skills you offer. As a consultant, you get a flexible schedule and arrangements depending on your delivery.

Teaching Assistant

Some teachers work on a part-time basis, usually called paraprofessionals who attend classes for some hours per week. As a senior, you can take work on a part-time basis in an elementary, middle, or high school. The work is simple, and it includes management of class behavior, helping in grading, and extra tutoring. You are assured of making, on average, around $25,410 per year.

Providing childcare services

This is one of the lucrative jobs that a senior can do, especially for those who love kids. Several families around the neighborhood may want someone to babysit their children. You can offer childcare services at your home

Customer Service Representative

There are numerous custom service jobs, and most of them can be done from home. For seniors who are good at communication on the phone or chat, this can be a good option to work part-time from home. Median pay is around $13.89 per hour.

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