Football: Before and Now

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The FIFA World Cup is quickly approaching, but have you thought about how football used to be? Some 60, or even a hundred years before? It was certainly a very different thing and not nearly as popular as it is today. Especially when there was no television so no one was actually able to watch it unless they went to an actual game. If there even was a game in the vicinity…

The most important thing was the money. So little of it was actually invested into football. The first world cup had so few nations playing and so few were from Europe because no one wanted to spend money on some dudes who wanted to go halfway across the globe in order to kick a ball around with some other dudes. Football just didn’t matter enough for that.

Today, billions are involved. Everyone wants to get a piece of that cake. The players get traded around for millions of dollars and receive salaries in a year that a hundred regular people couldn’t earn in a lifetime. Then the clubs, oh my God the clubs. They used to be just a thing someone would talk about that barely existed. Now, they are industries by themselves when you take a look at the budgets they deal with.

Players’ injuries didn’t matter in the past, they just kept on playing because they earned next to nothing and needed the money to survive. Now, they even fake injuries and everyone gets all riled up over each fall.

What about ticket prices? Forget about that, no one had the money to spend on some ridiculous ball game.

However, out of all of this, one thing remained the same. The players’ hairstyles are still just plain ridiculous…

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