Future Generations May Be Shocked By Trump’s Rants On Wind Turbines

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Donald Trump has been making several false statements about the generation of wind energy. These statements are starting to become a matter of concern for the citizens. They believe future generations will rant about some of the comments the president has been making.

The president’s sentiments

The US president has been trying to dismiss the idea of the country turning to the generation of wind energy. He outlines that humanity lives in a world that is by far much smaller as compared to the universe.

The president was in Florida at West Palm Beach where he addressed the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. His comments were bizarre considering how he ranted about the evils of the Green New Deal. Trump outlined that the manufacture of the wind turbines resulted in the emission of dangerous fumes to the environment. According to him, these fumes were destroying the bald eagle species in the country. His assertions got to a point of him insinuating that these birds were nearing appoint of extinction and the turbines were to blame.

Trump’s comments seen as baseless

This comment sounds baseless to most of the citizens. They think that Trump needs to draw a clear line between wind energy and manufacturing activities. There are many manufacturing activities taking place in the country daily and they emit fumes. Wind energy is something else completely and has nothing to do with the manufacture of the components.

The idea of generating wind energy came into play to minimize the effects of coal or natural gas power plants and the fumes they emit. It is rather strange that the president would be speaking negatively about something that was initially seen as a solution to an existing problem.

Trump also warned that the value of properties situated near the wind turbines would decrease. The set up of the turbines would indeed impact the prices of the homes. However, some major academic studies have given out their findings outlining that they dismiss the claims. There hasn’t been any outstanding decrease in the value of the properties as a result of the set up of these wind turbines.

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