Gastric Bypass Surgery For Weight Loss Associate With Reduced Cancer Risk, Study Shows

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Researchers from the Obesity Society have discovered a potential additional advantage of undergoing bariatric surgery like gastric bypass for weight loss. According to their findings, this type of surgery, as per a study conducted at the University of Utah, is associated with a reduced risk of developing and succumbing to obesity-related cancers, particularly among women.

Death rates reduced in women undergoing bariatric surgery

The research indicates that cancer death rates were notably reduced in women who underwent bariatric surgery compared to those who didn’t.

Prior studies have found a link between higher body mass index and cancer, but it’s unclear if intentional weight loss lowers cancer risk. Researchers point out challenges in achieving widespread weight loss. Recent research indicates that bariatric surgery is associated with reduced cancer rates and mortality compared to non-surgical individuals.

The study emphasizes the significance of consistent findings across various studies in the realm of human disease research. The study’s lead author, Ted D. Adams, highlighted its importance in confirming the positive impact of weight loss surgery on cancer prevention over the long term.

In the recent study, researchers compared cancer rates and outcomes between obese and non-obese individuals, considering factors such as cancer type, gender, stage, and treatment. They analyzed data from nearly 22,000 patients who underwent bariatric surgery and those with severe obesity but no surgery between 1982 and 2019.

Bariatric surgery reduced cancer risk by 25%

Findings revealed that individuals who underwent bariatric surgery had a 25% reduced cancer risk compared to those who didn’t have the surgery. Specifically, female bariatric surgery subjects had a 41% lower obesity-related cancers compared to non-surgery females. However, the cancer risk among male bariatric surgery patients remained unchanged.

Notably, a significant decrease in cancer risk was observed for colon, ovarian, uterine, pre-menopausal breast, and post-menopausal breast cancers. Furthermore, among female bariatric surgery patients, the risk of death from cancer decreased by 47% compared to non-surgery patients.

Dr Adams concluded that the study offers important insight regarding bariatric surgery’s role in reducing risk of colon cancer. Interestingly post and premenopausal women benefitted with reduced incidence of breast cancer.

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