Here are tips on how to stay healthy this holiday season

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With the holidays here, it is important not to focus on only Covid-19 as the only virus spreading because other viruses like RSV and flu can cause serious infections across the board. Some things to do to be safe include staying at home if you are sick, washing hands regularly, and avoiding people sniffling or coughing. Here are some tips that to help you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Get vaccinated 

It is vital to ensure children are vaccinated against infections like polio and measles. In recent years these infections have re-emerged because immunization rates have dropped below the required threshold. Also, everybody above six months needs to get a COVID and flu vaccine to avoid chances of infection and the possibility of becoming severely ill.

Adults should be vaccinated against respiratory viruses like RSV, COVID-19, and flu to lower the chances of bringing the viruses to the household. 

Ensure there is proper ventilation during an indoor gathering 

Most of the viruses are airborne and can spread in indoor places that are poorly ventilated. Proper ventilation can dilute the virus from the air, and one can filter out virus particles using an air purifier that has a HEPA filter. 

Put on a mask when traveling 

There is a notion that people don’t get sick in airplanes. However, that is not true. When the airplane system is running, there is excellent filtration and ventilation. However, during landing and boarding, the system isn’t running. Therefore if you have concerns about getting sick during travel, ensure you have a high-grade mask when boarding and disembarking. Although masks are helpful, remember they are not the same and you should consider masks like KN95, N95, and KF94.

Take extra care of those who need it.

COVID is not yet over, despite there being different opinions out there. People are still getting sick from COVId-19, and there is a need to take extra care. Precaution is necessary, especially around vulnerable people like old people. Always take COVID-19 tests before congregating for a family gathering this holiday. 

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