Here Is Why CBD Usage To Alleviate Anxiety And Nausea Is Not Recommended During Pregnancy

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A study conducted by University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus researchers has revealed that cannabidiol (CBD), which is usually employed nausea and anxiety treatment, may have detrimental effects on the development of a fetus.

CBD usage during pregnancy may impact brain development in fetus

The recent study led by University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Emily Bates shed light on the impact of fetal exposure to cannabidiol (CBD) on brain development. Many pregnant individuals consume cannabis or CBD to alleviate nausea and anxiety, believing it to be safe and beneficial. However, the study revealed that CBD can cross the placenta and accumulate in the brain of then fetus. This newfound finding challenges the previous lack of understanding regarding the effects of CBD on the developing brain during pregnancy.

Bates explained that they found that oral consumption of high CBD doses during pregnancy affected problem solving especially in female mice. The researchers found that CBD exposure to the fetus reduced the pre-frontal cortex’s excitability. The pre-frontal cortex is then brain region that is critical in learning.

CBD produces sex specific effects on females and males

Additionally, researchers discovered that CBD had different effects depending on the gender of the subjects. Male mice experienced heightened pain sensitivity, whereas females showed cognitive impairments. Bates suggests that further investigation is necessary to determine the reasons behind these sex-specific effects of CBD.

CBD is widely believed to have various benefits and is seen as a safe alternative for addressing pregnancy-related symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, and pain in the United States. Bates emphasizes the importance of their study in providing better information to both physicians and patients, enabling them to make more informed choices about their consumption during pregnancy.

She explained that the findings from the study will help pregnant patients and clinicians understand that CBD consumption during pregnancy may affect brain development of the fetus. As a result, it is important for clinicians to start asking about CBD use during prenatal visits and offer awareness about the potential risks associated with consumption during pregnancy.

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