Here is Why Eating Kiwi Fruit Is Important for Your Wellbeing and Improved Mood

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Recent research reveals that kiwifruit can significantly enhance mood, energy, and overall well-being in just four days. Packed with vitamin C, it provides a natural mood boost and reduces depression symptoms.

Kiwi fruit could be a mood enhancer

A study by University of Otago researchers in New Zealand investigated the rate of mood enhancement after taking vitamin C supplements or consuming whole foods such as kiwi. Over eight weeks, 155 adults with low vitamin C levels were divided into groups receiving vitamin C supplements, placebos, or two kiwi fruits daily. They reported their well-being through smartphone surveys.

Consumption of kiwifruit led to rapid enhancement in vitality and mood among participants, noticeable within four days and peaking at two weeks. Vitamin C tablets also showed positive effects, though less pronounced. Kiwifruit, abundant in vitamin C and other nutrients, could be a potent contributor to improving mental well-being.

Professor Tamlin Conner from the Department of Psychology and co-author of the study highlights the potential benefits of small dietary adjustments, such as incorporating kiwifruit, for improving daily well-being. Utilizing smartphone surveys allows for real-time monitoring of mood-related changes.

Kiwifruit offers more than just a vitamin C boost; it contains a blend of nutrients that work together to enhance mood. Research indicates that the combination of vitamin C, folate, dietary fiber, and various compounds found in kiwifruit contributes to its positive effects on mood and energy levels.

Consuming foods rich in vitamins C provides more benefits than supplements

Researchers highlight that while vitamin C supplements showed some mood enhancement, the benefits of consuming vitamin C-rich foods like kiwifruit are significantly greater.

Lead author, Dr. Ben Fletcher, emphasizes the swift influence of dietary choices on our well-being. According to Dr. Fletcher, the study subjects exhibited initially decent mental health, leaving minimal scope for enhancement. Nonetheless, they acknowledged the positive effects of incorporating kiwifruit or vitamin C supplements into their diets.

Dr. Fletcher advocates for a comprehensive nutritional strategy that integrates diverse, nutrient-dense foods to promote overall health and wellness. These findings have been documented in The British Journal of Nutrition.

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