How and When to Reveal Your Pregnancy

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Expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful moments of life for a woman. A woman who plays different roles (from daughter to grandmother during her lifetime) gets overwhelmed with this novel role (mother). It’s no secret that during the pregnancy period, she goes through challenging stages. However, the joy of giving birth clouds her pain and puts a smile on her face. It’s this joy that she shares with her dear ones.

When to Announce Pregnancy?

You don’t need to rush to share your pregnancy news. According to a report, it’s better to wait till 12 weeks. In this waiting period, you get the time to check your reports. Moreover, the risk of miscarriage is very high during the first trimester. It’s better to wait till you pass the first trimester.

Expecting a baby is not a big moment for you only, but for your partner also. He (would-be father) should be the first person to get this news. This will enhance your relationship. In case your family is going your difficult time, or your relationship with your partner is witnessing a hard time, the pregnancy news might bring some joy.

Baby Apparel

To make your pregnancy announcement more creative, you can go for baby Apparel. Just cover up a baby onesie and give it to your dear ones, and amaze them. This baby apparel, which would be your baby’s first item, will be a generous gift for your loved ones.  You can also go program a surprise party to declare your pregnancy.

Photo Frame of ultrasound

There’s no better way to announce your pregnancy than by gifting a Photo Frame of your ultrasound to your family. This will give a real glimpse of the upcoming baby to your family. Moreover, you can also use the photo of a baby bump. As many celebrities are doing nowadays by just posting their baby bump on social media to announce their pregnancy, you can also follow the same suit.


It’s better to announce your pregnancy to your employer as soon as possible. This will help you in taking parental leave.

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