How the Changes in History Reflect on Fashion

In Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and fashion trends might not be important to some, but overall, they really are. Fashion is everywhere, we all need to wear clothes. And even for those who don’t really care about their style and what they wear, their clothes still reflect something. Unconsciously or not, the fashion trends are stemming from the way humanity is at the moment and what’s currently happening. This is especially true for the last 100 years.

In the 1920s, World War I was finally over and the world was being rebuilt. People were happier. Peace was finally there for everyone. This reflected on the clothes people wore. The styles were looser, happier in a way. Women dressed in that famous flapper style, and there was more bright makeup. Men wore nice suits and bowler hats.

Then another world war came, and again, this reflected on people’s clothes. Everything was gloomy and fashion wasn’t really important to people. Some nicer changes came after the war.

Then the 1950s came and fashion was really back. People were happier, the world was prospering, and this too reflected on the fashion trends. Businessmen wore rich suits that reflected their seriousness, women showed more their figures as the times started changing much more. This carried on into the 1960s.

In the 1970s, when a lot of liberal and peace movements started occurring, so did some more colorful fashion trends. Equality for all was finally really coming in, so no wonder that both women and men often had equal long hairs.

More changes kept on happening, but as the times were even more peaceful, liberal, easier for many, so did the fashion trends evolve more and branched out. This is especially true today. You can barely pinpoint a certain trend. Everyone dresses differently. Globalization and individualism are the standards. This enables people to be and to really want to be different and unique in the way they dress.

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