How To Optimize Your Workout Sessions To Subdue Lower Back Pains

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Lower back pain is a common problem that many people experience and it often occurs due to pressure on the nerves. One of the best ways to overcome back pains is by exercising your lower back. However, one has to exercise caution because the wrong exercise can strain your back, leading to more injuries.

If you are determined to overcome lower back pains through exercise, consider consulting a professional trainer for the best results. However, not everyone has the resources to achieve this, so here is some advice from a personal trainer called Julian Arana.

  • Julian recommends kicking off your morning with a lower back warm-up routine where you hold a barbell with your arms stretched in front of you. You can then bend forward at the hip without bending your legs. Slowly bend until your chest faces downwards and then slowly get back to an upright position. The goal is to increase lower back muscle strength, so make sure you repeat the same process multiple times for more effectiveness.
  • The fitness expert also recommends other exercises such as bent-over rows, deadlifts, and back squats. Incorporating a barbell into the exercises adds more substance and subsequently better results.
  • Leg lifts are also idea back and ab exercises also contribute to better lower back muscle growth. The exercise features lying flat on your back, lifting both legs together at a 90-degree angle, and lowering them back down slowly. This exercise adds tension to the back and stomach muscles thus ensuring that the muscles receive decent exercise.

The overall goal of the lower back workouts is to ensure the muscles handle the weight or stress of daily activities, thus reducing nerve pressure. You can also go the extra mile by visiting a doctor to evaluate your back so that you know exactly where to focus. Having a fitness trainer when you start your lower back exercises would be a great idea because you will need assistance if the pain is too much. The pain will reduce as you build up your back muscles, which means you will eventually do the exercises on your own.

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