Improve Cardiovascular Health In Four Weeks By Eating A Vegan Diet

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A recent study revealed that following a vegan diet for just eight weeks can have a positive impact on heart health. Conducted on identical twins, the research compared the effects of vegan and omnivore diets and found significant improvements in cardiovascular health with the vegan diet. Notably, the most significant changes were observed within the initial four weeks of adopting a vegan diet.

Vegan diet lowers cholesterol and insulin levels

Individuals following a vegan diet showed significantly lower insulin and cholesterol levels, and body weight compared to those who consumed fish, meat, and vegetables. Vegan participants demonstrated a noteworthy 20% reduction in fasting insulin, lowering the risk of diabetes, and experienced an average weight loss of 4.2 pounds more than non-vegans.

For the current study, Stanford University researchers studied 22 pairs of identical twins for three months. Researchers used identical twins so as to reduce the effect of variables such as upbringing, lifestyle, and genetic differences. Individuals chosen were healthy and without cardiovascular diseases and each twin was assigned either an omnivore or vegan diet.

Interestingly, the study not only highlighted the health benefits of a vegan diet compared to an omnivore diet but also emphasized the unique experience of working with identical twins. Rehnborg Farquhar professor at Stanford Medicine, Christopher Gardner, described the twins as an entertaining duo, with their matching outfits, similar mannerisms, and lively banter, which could only be observed after spending a significant amount of time together.

Vegan diet can easily be followed by anyone

The study compared health-focused vegan and omnivore diets, both emphasizing fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains while excluding sugars and refined starches. Participants, totaling 44, maintained food logs, with 43 successfully completing the study, indicating the practicality and achievability of these diets.

Gardner explained that the study employed a generalized diet that is easily accessible to everybody since 21 out of possible 22 vegans adhered to the diet through. Therefore it suggest that anybody can decide to be vegan to improve their long-term health within two months and the good news is that changes will be visible within the first month.

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