Increased Oral Doses of Semaglutide Promote Weight Loss and Lower Blood Sugar

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Diabetes is an ailment that hinders one’s ability to regulate blood sugars effectively. Being progressive, the condition worsens, making it increasingly difficult for patients to manage their blood sugar levels. Fortunately, (GLP-1) Glucagon-like peptide-1, like semaglutide, has allowed patients to reduce blood sugar.

Oral semaglutide significantly reduces blood glucose

A medicine professor and researcher, John Buse, unveiled a study with his team. The study reveals discoveries regarding high-dose oral semaglutide formulations. Their research discovered that a daily oral semaglutide effectively reduced blood sugars at 25mg and 50mg rather than 14mg. Moreover, it also facilitated weight loss.

John Buse explains that the GLP-1 receptor agent effectively lowers blood sugar when taken in low doses. He further explains that higher amounts are significant for weight loss, with a mean of 8 kilograms at a dose of 50mg. This is double the weight loss compared to a dose of 14mg. The new research is aligned with others suggesting the usage of oral GLP-1 receptor agents for treating obesity.

Findings of the study

The study involved 1606 participants with an age mean of 58.2 and men. The participants took part in the phase three activity for approval purposes. They were grouped into three cohorts, each given a dose of 14mg, 25mg, or 50mg. This was administered for 52 weeks.

The AIC is a percentage used in measuring the blood sugar level in diabetes patients. According to ADA, diabetes patients should maintain a rate below 7%. The participants in the study had percentages ranging from 8 to 10.5. Researchers discovered that individuals who took doses of 25mg and 50mg had a higher chance of attaining the target of below 7% than ones who received a dose of 14mg.  

Semaglutide also caused weight loss amongst the participants after the 52-week trial. Participants who received 50mg lost a mean of 17.5 lbs, those who received 25mg lost 14.8 kg, and those who received 14mg lost 10 lbs. More importantly, the researchers were keen on the side effects as well. One that stood out was nausea; others were vomiting and diarrhea, especially for participants who received 50 and 25mg doses.

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