Investing In Gold: The Different Avenues Through Which You Can Access The Commodity

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Gold is one of the most sought-after commodities globally, and this has been the case for centuries, if not millennia. It was used as an exchange of value in the past, and it remains valuable to this day. Most people that purchase gold use it as a store of wealth as an investment tool for making more wealth, and some use it to make expensive jewelry.

The year 2020 has been quite challenging with the coronavirus and economic downturn, taking a toll on most economies. Investors have thus been looking for ways to store their money so that it will not lose value due to the ravages of inflation or to avoid losing money through other investments. Here are some of the methods through which you can make money through gold.

Invest in stocks of gold-mining companies

There are many listed companies out there that mine gold. If you do not wish to purchase the commodity itself, but you want to make money off it, then gold stocks are a good alternative. However, there is still a high level of risk because the market is highly volatile. However, you can shift the odds of success in your favor by investing in companies that have inventory and are properly managed. Fundamental analysis can help you determine the key consideration.

Trading physical gold

You can opt to go the traditional way of investing in gold, where you purchase gold from a reputable dealer. You can then sell the valuable commodity to buyers that are willing to purchase at a higher price point that will allow you to make profits. If you do decide to go through this approach, then perhaps consider storing the gold in an independent depository that will ensure your gold. You can also opt you use bank deposit boxes, but those introduce some level of risk.

Investing in Gold Exchange Traded Notes or ETNs

Purchasing physical gold might present some challenges, especially those related to liquidity. If you wish to avoid such problems, then perhaps consider gold ETNs. Gold ETNs are a great investment avenue because they are backed by physical gold. The idea is that you can invest in gold and benefit from its price movements without having to purchase physical gold. This approach also introduces a high level of liquidity since there is no hassle of looking for a buyer.

Gold bullion

If you want a long-term method to invest in gold, consider investing in gold bullion. This is gold that is classified as legal tender and is also 99.5% pure, which is the highest level of purity of gold that one can purchase. This approach is good because it is easy to purchase, where you only need to find a reputable gold dealer. The cost of investing through this approach is also close to that of virtual alternatives where you need not own physical gold. You can purchase gold in the form of gold bars or jewelry.

Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs

This is another alternative for investing in gold, especially for those that want to invest in the precious metal without physically owning it. These are gold-backed ETFs, and the advantage is that you can make money when gold prices improve without the hassle of looking for gold that is of good quality.


If you do decide to invest in gold, it is always a good idea to first research so that you know everything you need to know about investing in gold. This will allow you to avoid making common mistakes that will lead to losses. Understanding the markets and the different approaches will increase your chances of maximizing your potential gains.

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