Limiting Screen Time For Both Parents And Children Enhances Family Ties, Study Shows

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Numerous studies have consistently highlighted the adverse impact of screen time on the cognitive development of young minds. However, despite the widespread acknowledgment of this issue, a significant number of parents fail to serve as exemplary role models. Recent research indicates that 60% of American parents confess to dedicating more time to their electronic devices compared to their children’s usage, even though many of them implement rules to curtail their kids’ screen time.

Parents are spending more time on electronic devices than kids

According to a survey of 2,000 U.S. parents, moms and dads spend almost five hours daily on electronic devices, surpassing the less than four hours they dedicate to meaningful activities with their children. Around 80% of parents own three or more electronic devices, while 81% of their children possess at least two such devices, underscoring the widespread use of technology in households. Only 2% of children were found not to possess any electronic device.

The survey shows that 60% of parents are looking for ways to spend more quality time with their children away from digital technology. Around 79% of parents indicated that experiences with their kids were more memorable when electronic devices were not involved, leading 52% of parents to try and reduce technology usage in their homes.

Families engaging in more outdoor activities

Parents are promoting outdoor play, imposing time restrictions, and establishing device-free areas for their children. Additionally, a significant number of families have engaged in outdoor activities during the summer, with camping and hiking being the top choices (59%), followed by picnics (58%) and visits to amusement and water parks (58%).

Campspot’s chief marketing officer Erin Stender states that the summer season provides an ideal opportunity to disconnect from screens and prioritize family connections. Stepping away from technology and embracing nature helps strengthen family bonds, with camping being a valuable way for families to embark on shared adventures that promote a love for the outdoors and support children’s personal growth.

A majority of American parents believe that outdoor activities promote family communication and bonding (60%), leading to lasting memories that strengthen family ties (57%).

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