Maintaining Heart Health Can Avert Risk Of Dementia, Study Shows

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Prioritizing heart health in early life is crucial for preserving cognitive function later on. A recent study highlights a substantial increase in the risk of dementia in individuals who experience heart disease before the age of 45.

Individuals with CHD at increased risk of dementia

Coronary heart disease (CHD) results from the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels that supply the heart muscle, caused by the accumulation of plaque, including cholesterol. CHD may manifest as chest pain, heart attacks, and various heart-related issues.

The study of data from more than 430,000 British individuals indicated that those who had coronary heart disease (CHD) before the age of 45 had a 36% higher risk of dementia. The research also showed a 13% increased risk of Alzheimer’s and a 78% higher risk of vascular dementia in these individuals compared to those without CHD.

The large-scale study has found a link between the age of onset of coronary heart disease and the risk of developing dementia later in life. Previous research has shown that adults experience accelerated cognitive decline after being diagnosed with coronary heart disease. This study is the first of its kind to examine the impact of age of onset on dementia risk. The findings suggest that early onset of coronary heart disease may increase the risk of dementia in older adults.

Onset of CHD correlate with dementia

Researchers utilized the UK Biobank, comprising health data from 500,000 adults, to investigate the link between coronary heart disease onset age and dementia development. Analyzing 432,667 individuals, excluding pre-existing dementia cases, they identified a direct correlation: younger coronary heart disease onset ages corresponded to elevated dementia risk, emphasizing a noteworthy association.

Dr. Zheng highlights a concerning correlation between early-onset coronary heart disease and dementia, emphasizing the significant impact on brain health. With more people diagnosed at a younger age, there’s a potential surge in dementia cases. Urging healthcare awareness, the focus is now on exploring if addressing cardiovascular risks early can enhance long-term brain health. Dementia is the focus of essential research due to its escalating prevalence and projected increase.

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