Masculine Marketing Of Vegan Food Can Change Men’s Perception Of Plant-based Diets, Study Shows

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There is popular believe that eating plant-based products is advantageous to one’ ell-being and environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, there persists an enduring stereotype that links meat consumption to notions of masculinity, creating impediments for certain males in adopting vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. As a result, an emerging study suggests a rebranding of plant-based diets?

Vegan diets stereotyped to appeal to women

Conventional gender stereotypes frequently categorize vegan diets as predominantly appealing to women, inadvertently excluding men from the narrative. The recent research endeavors to investigate the efficacy of marketing strategies in addressing this discrepancy.

Lead study author Alma Scholz said that men tend to be less inclined to vegan food consumption because of the need to perform gender. Nevertheless, with vegan food considered in a masculine manner, men tend to be less resistant and are more likely to consume vegan food.

Traditional gender norms have associated meat consumption with qualities like strength and masculinity, while plant-based diets were seen as less suitable for men. Recent surveys show a growing acceptance of vegetarianism among men, but concerns about reinforcing gender identity through food choices still lead to dominant meat consumption among them.

Scholz siad that given that gender stereotypes encompass dietary preferences, males often find themselves leaning towards gendered eating patterns to shape societal perceptions. Failure to do so may result in the perception of them as less masculine.

Women have stronger inclination to vegan diets

In order to examine the influence of marketing within this field, scientists modified the way vegan dishes were presented and described using “masculine” terminology, subsequently assessing the reactions of male individuals. Furthermore, they measured the participants’ adherence to conventional notions of masculinity and their overall perspectives on veganism.

Researchers discovered intriguing findings regarding gender and veganism. Women showed a stronger inclination towards vegan diets, as expected. Interestingly, marketing with masculine themes didn’t significantly increase men’s preference for vegan dishes. However, it did alter their perception, shifting it from a “feminine” association to a more neutral one. Men who did not strongly identify with traditional masculinity were more receptive to this type of marketing.

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