Mindful Yoga For 20-minutes Per Day Ca Enhances Sleep and Cognition, Study Shows

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A recent study suggests that a mere 20 minutes of yoga, specifically yoga nidra, a form of mindfulness training, yields significant benefits. Researchers highlight its positive impact on sleep, cognitive functions, learning, and memory, making it advantageous even for novices.

Yoga nidra induces relaxation while laying down

A recent study conducted by researchers from the Armed Forces Medical College in India found that practicing yoga nidra, a form of yoga focused on conscious relaxation, led to notable improvements in sleep efficiency and the presence of delta waves during deep sleep.

Unlike other yoga styles that prioritize physical postures and muscle control, yoga nidra induces a state of relaxation while lying down. After just two weeks of practice, participants experienced significant enhancements in their sleep quality and the depth of their sleep

Yoga nidra is a practice that helps people relax consciously while lying down. Previous reports on its benefits for sleep and cognition have been subjective. However, the new study used objective measures such as sleep monitoring and cognitive tests. The study involved a two-week practice of yoga nidra during the day, using a 20-minute audio recording.

Moreover, the individuals exhibited swifter reactions in cognitive assessments without compromising precision. Additionally, they demonstrated quicker and more accurate responses across a range of activities, including evaluations of working memory, abstraction, recognition of fear and anger, and spatial learning and memory.

Yoga nidra enhances sleep and cognitive processing

The research involved assessing the impact on a group of inexperienced participants before and after a two-week regimen of yoga nidra. This routine was performed during the daytime using a 20-minute audio recording. These findings support prior research that connects delta-wave sleep with enhanced sleep quality, improved attention, and better memory.

Additionally, Professor Karuna Datta and the team highlight that yoga nidra is an affordable and easily accessible practice that could be advantageous for numerous individuals. The researchers stated in a press release that Yoga nidra practice enhances sleep and accelerates brain processing. It also improves accuracy, particularly in tasks related to learning and memory.

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