More Major Plot Holes in the Original Star Wars Trilogy

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Because of too many fracking plot holes, this is a continuation of my previous article.

Remember the mynocks, those small flying creatures that attack the gang when they are in the mouth of a gigantic space slug? How in God’s name can they live inside of a living thing? That’s not possible, even for Star Wars standards.

You know when our crew is trying to escape Cloud City? They find out that their hyperdrive is disabled, which is terrible for them, but also for Vader actually. If he didn’t want them to escape why didn’t he just disable their engine? They can fly around without the hyperdrive and get away…

We want to forget this, but ugh, I have to mention it. Jabba seems to like women, which seems normal, but he likes human women, not slug women, or whatever they could be called. How does this make sense? They are completely different species with utterly different bodies! How the hell can he find a human female attractive? That just doesn’t make sense.

Speaking of Jabba and those scenes, there’s that moment where we see a droid being tortured. They burn his feet and it hurts him. Poor droid. But wait a minute, he’s a droid! I mean, IT’s a droid! Droids don’t feel pain, they are ROBOTS. They don’t even have nervous systems.

One more from this part of the Return of the Jedi. Remember when Luke was fighting the rancor and then he threw the skull in order to push the button that brings down the door which then killed the rancor? Why did he need to do that? He can use the force to push the freaking button! What’s more, he could have just used his powers to pull down the very door instead!

And for the final biggy: the Emperor reveals in the end that he wanted to trap the rebels with those plans that show how to destroy the death star. That all sounds good but why the hell did he use the REAL PLANS? He could have just used some fake ones. But he chose to risk it instead. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…

There really are a lot of holes in these movies…

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