Muscadine Grape Wine Could Be A Good Skin Care Routine, Study Shows

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Research from the University of Florida suggests that muscadine grapes, native to the Southeastern United States and known for their high polyphenols and ellagic acid content, can enhance aging skin. Women who consumed two glasses of dealcoholized wine daily demonstrated significant improvements in skin elasticity and water retention compared to those taking a placebo.

Drinking wine rich in polyphenols and allagic acid improves skin

Scientists conducted a groundbreaking study using a randomized clinical trial to examine the impact of nonalcoholic wine drinking on skin health. The study suggests that the positive effects may be attributed to polyphenols, naturally occurring chemical compounds found in various plants.

Professor Lindsey Christman the study leader said that muscadine grapes have a high concentration of polyphenol compared to red wine grape varieties. The study suggests that the polyphenols found in muscadine wine hold promise in enhancing skin conditions, particularly in middle-aged and elderly females, by boosting elasticity and reducing transepidermal water loss.

For centuries, Muscadine grapes have been utilized in winemaking. Extensive clinical studies have indicated that the polyphenols present in Muscadine wine, such as quercetin, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid, may have potential benefits in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress of the skin

In the recent study, 17 women aged 40 to 67 were randomly divided into two groups. One group drank dealcoholized wine, while the other had a placebo beverage with similar taste but no polyphenols. They consumed their assigned drink (300ml or about 10 ounces) daily for six weeks, followed by a three-week break, after which they switched to the opposite beverage for another six weeks.

Researchers conducted the study to assess the impact of muscadine wine on skin condition, oxidative stress, and inflammation. They found that consuming muscadine wine for six weeks improved skin elasticity and reduced water loss at the skin’s surface, suggesting it enhances the skin’s barrier against damage.

The study found no significant differences in wrinkles on the skin. Subject showed improved skin smoothness and reduced inflammation and oxidative stress compared to baseline.

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