Need to Remodel your Kitchen? Here are Tips to Save Money

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The kitchen is one of the essential parts of your home. Interestingly, experts say that the mood that the design generates and the model of your kitchen affects your appetite. Unfortunately, the frequent use of this area means that it does not take long to lose interest in the model. Suddenly, the fabulous mood that the kitchen used to generate fades away and even food begins to taste differently.

However, kitchen remodeling can be costly especially if you want a total makeover. This might require a complete tear down of the space to make space for new fittings and equipment. Unbelievably, remodeling your kitchen could consume up to $37,000 in costs. This is especially true if you want to install exotic surfaces and other expensive fittings. Nevertheless, there is always an opportunity to cut back on costs. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Keep the kitchen layout as it is

The layout of the kitchen entails things like plumbing and even the sink. Admittedly, you might want to move the sink around and perhaps tinker with the plumbing a little. However, this will result in many other modifications, like shifting the cooker and the gas pipe or electricity socket. Eventually, the work will snowball in such a way that you end up dealing with more issues than intended. Ideally, retain the layout as it is and only tinker with areas that are of little significance.

Avoid splurging

It is okay to feel the urge to acquire the most expensive cabinets and other hardware to spice up the kitchen. Interestingly, this feels like adorning jewelry on a fine body. To be sure, the expensive fixtures and hardware add a nice touch but may not be necessary. Always remember to spend money on necessities. Well, install cabinets in the kitchen but ensure they are just right for the job.  

Are there tasks you can do yourself?

You may be surprised that not all tasks require hired labor. For instance, you can tear down the old cabinets and even countertops before the hired labor starts work. Also, remove all the waste material resulting from the tear down. The trick is to ensure the contractor has as little to do as possible.

Hide What You Don’t Want Others to see

If the cabinets are old, you can cover them with a door. Bright white colors make old cabinets look fresh again. Playing with the light in the kitchen is extremely useful to make the objects in the kitchen look much better. Buying new won’t necessarily improve the design of the kitchen. A little twist and turn could prove to be what you we’re looking for. Interior designers know all of the tricks so it could be a good idea to contact one before you go into this adventure

Market Survey

This is maybe the most important tip. If you don’t mind buying 2nd hand appliances this could save you a fortune. Also, some contractors sell their inventory at outlet stores. A scratch or two on the surface of an appliance could mean a 70% discount. However, the most important market survey you must do is between contractors. Don’t trust their pricing, you must negotiate with them and see how much their competitors charge. These are easy jobs for them, their margin on the work shouldn’t be huge.


In conclusion, remodeling your kitchen is never easy. However, we hope that with these tips and tricks you might save a few pennies. Make sure to stick to your budget, try to do as little changes as possible with the plumbing, electricity and gas pipes. Consult an interior designer and make sure you are receiving the best prices for the appliances and from the contractors.

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