New Study Shows Junk Food Kills Useful Bacteria in the Body

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When junk food is mentioned, many mouths begin to water. It is a known fact that junk food is very unhealthy, hence the name. However, this doesn’t deter those who crave a hot sausage, a saucy hamburger, or a cold soda.

Healthy balance in the gut

According to a study by the University of Groningen, Netherlands, junk food can disrupt the healthy balance in your gut by eliminating the good bacteria and sparing the harmful ones.

The study incorporated a food frequency survey conducted on 1425 people. The results linked processed food of the fast-food variety to harmful bacteria that attack the good bacterial in the digestive system.

Professor Rinse Weersma, corresponding author of the study, notes in a press release that these harmful bacteria turn to the mucosa of the gut and feed off in the absence of fiber. This erodes the integrity of the gut.

However, the researchers note that eating a vegetable-rich diet and one that includes oily fish has a reverse effect. Furthermore, having a regular Mediterranean diet is great for your gut. Because it has anti-inflammatory effects.

A Mediterranean diet contains healthy fats that line the gut’s surface and protect it from the harmful bacteria found in junk food. Moreover, polyphenol-rich food like fruits, tea, wine, and coffee are known to be good at anti-inflammatory tasks.

Red wine has been found to work well as an anti-inflammatory for both obese and normal-weight individuals. However, too much alcohol intake or consuming spirits is pro-inflammatory.

Diet preferences affect IBS and IBD

The study involved patients suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases), and participants with healthy guts. The participants were grouped and made their daily food choices which were measured in grams per day.

The results suggested that a good chunk of the participants who suffered from IBS and IBD were more biased towards junk food with less fiber in their diet. The participants with healthy guts, on the other hand, preferred a diet with more fruits and vegetables.

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