New York Fashion Week: The Beginning

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The New York Fashion Week has just begun, so it’s worth taking a look at some interesting moments that just happened; and of course, some pictures as well.

Celebrities are always everywhere, and the Fashion Week is not excluded. Some notable names have already graced the event, including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cardi B, Rachel Lindsay and many more. More importantly, more will be coming in the following days.

Gigi Hadid already took over NYFW with her amazing looks and outfit

Some might think that in fashion one cannot afford to eat much, but things seem to be changing as the hottest additions to the show were Cheetos, energy drinks, and more. That certainly sounds good to me at least, why not put some foods in the otherwise skinny industry?

Aren’t Cheetos yummy? They sure are at the NYFW

The 80s are back at this year’s Fashion Week, with Tom Ford’s amazing designs. People were definitely astonished by these outfits as they all know that only he can make the 80s look sexy and gorgeous.

Tom Ford’s 80s designs look best on the gorgeous model Kaia Gerber.

The notable Italian brand Bottega Veneta graced the Fashion Week with its stunning pieces. This was certainly a big deal as the brand usually shows only in Milan, so it was definitely a nice change and certainly a surprise for many.

Take a look at this stunning outfit from the diverse Bottega Veneta collection

When you take a look at all the many happenings, the amazing pieces and some notable appearances, one can only imagine what else will grace the 2018’s New York Fashion Week. Let’s just wait and see, we are bound to get something equally or even more interesting.

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