Obesity And Excess Risk Increase Death Risk By Up To 91%, Study Finds 

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Although it has been previously suggested that only significant weight gain leads to an increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, recent research suggests that even mild overweight can result in premature death. The latest Study highlights that obesity considerably increases death risk in obese individuals by 22% to 91%.

BMI cannot be used as the only measure of one’s health and fitness 

Additionally, the latest Study involving close to 18,000 individuals suggested that looking at BMI as a measure of fitness and weight may be flawed and result in scientific bias. As a result, that can offer an inaccurate portrayal of an individual’s health. According to CU Boulder associate professor Ryan Masters, it might be time to reconsider the use of BMI. The study also established that a sixth of deaths in the United States could result from obesity or excess weight. 

Masters said the existing research might have underestimated the death risk in a nation where unhealthy, cheap foods are increasingly becoming more accessible, with sedentary life taking precedence. However, he said the latest research and other studies are starting to expose the real picture of this public health predicament. 

The claim that high BMI doesn’t increase death risk is flawed

According to Masters, currently, there is an “obesity paradox,” especially when studying longevity and weight. He explained that he has been suspicious of claims that increased BMI doesn’t raise death risk until someone reaches very high levels and that there are some overweight survival benefits. 

It is important to note that BMI only compares height and weight and doesn’t account for differences in body types like a shorter woman or man that is muscular and fit, thus weighing more. Master said that it reflects stature at a point in time, giving an example of Tom Cruise. He said that Tom Cruise was 201 pounds at some stage, although he is 5′ 7″. Going by the logic of BMI, Cruise will be in the obese category, which could be misleading. 

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