One In Three Americans Unable To Pay Their Rent In Time Due To Effects Of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has frustrated many people around the globe by straining them financially and in many other ways. Many businesses and cities have been shut down in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly virus. The National Multifamily Housing Council has today disclosed details about the struggle among a significant fraction of the US citizens. The body says that almost a third of all the apartment renters in the US failed to pay their rent in April.

Complaints about unemployment have been on the rise after quite a significant number of people lost their job opportunities. The government thought that it was to the best interest of the citizens prioritizing the fight against the COVID-19 which continues to spread. So far, quite a significant number of people have lost their lives. Experts and leaders have been speaking about the matter and they say that it is critical to saving human lives because they are irreplaceable. When asked about economic development, most of them have been taking the stand that they know how to revive it when the time comes.

It is a rare experience witnessing tenants struggling with the payment of rent in such huge numbers. Only 69 percent had managed to pay their rent within the first week in April and there are even fears that the situation might worsen in the future. A great number may end up being evicted from their apartments if the current trends continue to be witnessed.

There are some existing local and federal laws that guard a fraction of the tenants from eviction. The numbers struggling with rent payments are quite large and they may be struggling with more serious issues than that. There are other bills to be paid as well and that implies that the suffering is immense among a large section of the American citizens.

There are reports that the number that could end up being plunged in a state of homelessness could be about 1.5 million. The financial hardship is quite evident as many people try to look out for ways to survive the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

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