Pecans Can Prevent Risk Of Obesity And Reduce Inflammation, Study Shows

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If you have been searching for a nutritious snack to add to your eating plan, recent studies present a strong argument for pecans. Researchers at Texas A&M reveal that pecans could potentially play a role in averting obesity and mitigating inflammation.

Pecans an alternative for individuals seeking healthier diets

The global rise in obesity and diabetes is attributed to factors like high fat diet, lifestyle, and genetics. Professor Luis Cisneros-Zevallos from Texas A&M College highlights the increasing consumption of high fat diets as a major contributor. Pecans are identified as a healthy option for individuals seeking better choices in their diet, according to Cisneros-Zevallos.

Department of Horticultural Sciences head Amit Dhingta said that Professor Cisneros-Zevallos’ research offers more scientific evidence supporting the previous arguments that pecans form a nutritious source of food. Dhingra argues that thanks to the latest work iot is now evident of the potential mechanisms underlying the nutritional benefit of pecans. He added that the Horticultural Sciences department is focused on sustainability, food security and wellness and Cisneros-Zevallos’s research demonstrates the significance of horticultural crops for human health.

Cisneros-Zevallos conducted the research in partnership with an interdisciplinary team comprising the National Instituteof Medical Science’s and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran, Mexico’s Claudia Delgadillo-Puga and Ivan Torre-Villalvazo.

The study involved testing pecans and high-fat diets on mice, revealing that pecans boost energy expenditure, decrease dysbiosis and inflammation, and influence fat breakdown and metabolism in adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and liver.

Pecans have anti-inflammatory properties

According to Dr Cisneros-Zevallos the anti-inflammatory properties of pecans can help reduce the risk of common diseases and chronic inflammation. The study also suggests that pecans can help with weight management and diabetes prevention, even when consuming a high-fat diet. In conclusion, the authors label pecans as a superfood suitable for direct consumption or incorporation into functional foods and dietary supplements.

Professor Cisneros-Zevallos concluded that their findings will be important in designing strategies for future studies to understand the unique properties o pecans and possibility of creating healthier products. Most importantly, pecans are of historical and economic importance in the Americas and their production offers stability to farmers.

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