Personality Traits; You Could Be Screaming Louder Via Ice Cream

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You are what you eat but instead of good nutritious food, ice cream is the meal that screams loudly about your type of personality. A survey conducted by OnePoll found there is more to ice cream than brain freeze. In a poll that saw 2000 American adults participate, three main ice cream flavors were used namely, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. The kind of flavor the participants scooped revealed their social habits and how they fell in love.

According to the researchers, strawberry lovers find love easily. They normally find love by the time they hit 24 years. The vanilla lovers found it at 25 while the chocolate fans found it quite later. Strawberry lovers love listening to jazz music, watching sci-fi movies and doing laundry. The chocolate lovers though blooming late in love are extroverts. They love watching romantic comedies so maybe the reason why they fall late in love is because they could be matching you with their favorite movie character. When it comes to music, they have a great selection of R&B, pop and rock and roll.

Vanilla lovers take risks, not everyone goes for vanilla as their first choice but they do. In a game of truth or dare they will choose dare. These are the night owls and prefer washing the dishes instead of doing the laundry. You could say that they are related to introverts, distant cousins.

Well, despite the differences between these three types of personas there is one thing that they have in common and that is toppings. Everyone loves adding toppings to their ice cream. Most of the adults love chocolate toppings. Most of them who participated in this poll love topping their dessert with chocolate chips. The other favorite toppings are nuts, whipped cream, caramel and hot fudge.

Is this poll correct? Well, this is not the first time ice cream has been linked to human behavior. The founder of Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Dr. Alan Hirsch, states that vanilla lovers are impulsive, idealistic risk takers and rely more on intuition than logic. They are emotionally expressive and are successful in their close relationships. Strawberry lovers are introverts who are tolerant and devoted. They are mostly thoughtful and logical. As for chocolate scoopers, Hirsch says they are seductive and flirtatious. This is made possible through their charm but they are gullible and full of drama.

So where do our ice cream preferences sprout from? According to Hirsch, we make our ice cream choice as children so now we know better.

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