Physical Exercises Combined With Mindfulness Enhances Health and Well-being, Study Shows  

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Researchers from the University of Bath recommend adopting two New Year’s resolutions instead of one for enhanced well-being and mental health. According to their study, combining exercise and mindfulness, both beneficial on their own, can result in a more significant overall boost to one’s health.

Blending mindfulness and exercise improves wellbeing

The study emphasizes that life changes involving a blend of physical activity and mindfulness yield the most significant improvements in mood, health, and overall well-being. The latest research reviews existing studies, providing a unique perspective on the enhanced positive effects when combining exercise and mindfulness, highlighting their synergistic impact.

Masha Remskar from Bath’s Department of Health said that commencing 2024 with a commitment to increase physical activity offers numerous positive effects on both physical and mental well-being. Although, the initial stages of starting and sustaining an exercise routine can be challenging, Remskar suggests that adopting a mindfulness approach can aid in developing the psychological resilience necessary for consistent exercise. As a result thus will enhance body awareness, and make the experience more engaging while acknowledging its advantages.

Mindfulness fosters self-acceptance and reduces self-judgment

Practicing mindfulness may lead to a shift in perspective on lifestyle, fostering greater self-acceptance and reducing self-judgment. This mindset can facilitate the development of healthy habits. The application of mindfulness has significant potential to enhance the positive effects of exercise.

The study suggests that mindfulness, a form of meditation emphasizing the present moment without interpretations or judgments, can enhance exercise motivation. It aids in overcoming challenges like pain and discomfort during workouts.

Existing research highlights mindfulness as a potent strategy for reducing worries, stress, and anxiety, contributing to overall well-being. These benefits apply to individuals with or without health issues, making mindfulness a valuable tool for promoting mental and physical health.

Steven Yorke, co-founder of Medito, said that mindfulness mobile apps can be instrumental in enhancing mental well-being. Yorker emphasizes that despite accessibility being hindered by paywalls it is important to break such barriers and enhance well-being.  Medito has collaborated with Bath University to broaden its mindfulness meditations range putting it at the forefront of mindfulness science.

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