Positive Perceptions About Aging In Older People Can Benefit Their Sexual Life

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Research has always held that a positive outlook benefits an individual’s health. However, a new study from University of Missouri researchers has revealed that seniors who feel positive about aging tend to have a healthier sex life. 

Negative perceptions of aging can be dangerous and may affect the quality of life 

Lead study author Hanamori Skoblow said there is increasing literature regarding aging perspectives. Skoblow said that aging perceptions could be positive or negative. When they are negative, they can be harmful and are associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, cardiovascular diseases, and shorter lifespans. So naturally, adopting a positive outlook on aging can also result in a fulfilling sexual life.

Skoblow thinks that the data can be utilized to educate doctors who treat senior citizens. She claimed that doctors are perpetuating ageist stereotypes that sexual conduct is only reserved for young folks by being unwilling to discuss sexual matters with elderly patients. She also thinks that by encouraging favorable attitudes toward aging, sex counselors could achieve better outcomes.

Researchers reviewed data from an established database with information about individuals above 50 that were married or staying with a partner and had filled out a questionnaire on the view of social constructs regarding sexuality. Skoblow compared data on the subject’s perceptions regarding aging and sexual satisfaction in their relationship. 

Aging perceptions can affect someone’s sex life

The relationship was strong in both women and men. With data from over 1,100 couples, the researchers found that individuals with a positive perception had frequent sex and increased satisfaction. 

According to Skoblow, there are various reasons why aging perceptions can affect someone’s sex life. For example, she explained that People might experience pre-emptive inhibitions if they believe that a rapid physical decline is an inevitable component of aging. As a result, they stop taking pleasure in the present and may have fewer fulfilling sexual experiences.

Additionally, it is evident that there are several youth beauty ideas in western cultures, but individuals with a more positive view of aging might not be buying into them. Therefore this leads to a satisfying sex life as someone’s body starts to change. 

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