Scientists Reveal the Possibility of a Zombie Outbreak

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One of the most popular depictions of an apocalypse by movies is zombie outbreaks. The picture painted by these movies is so vivid that some people prepare for a real-life zombie outbreak. Although it sounds absurd, a zombie outbreak is not entirely impossible because of a particular parasite found in rodents and human brains.

Transmitted through cat poop

The parasite Toxoplasma gondii is also found in cat droppings, spreads in humans through raw meat and increases brain cancer risks. It can control a rodent’s behavior once it’s infected and makes it can control the rodent’s behavior once it gets affected, making it unafraid of cats. Experts say that the parasite can go as far as making the rodent attack a cat.

In addition to that, an existing Science Times report says that there is evidence to link the parasite to neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and, OCD, and bipolar disease in humans. It has also been associated with schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts.

Experts believe that the parasite has superior knowledge of brains to humans and can get any desired outcomes from manipulating the rodents’ brains. They also suspect that the rodents’ behavior can be used to predict how it could affect humans. This is partly because, clinically, rodents and humans are very similar to humans, which explains why many scientists use them to test human products.

The scientists also made a shocking revelation that half of all humans have a dormant version of the parasite. What’s more, scientists believe that the parasites will ultimately turn humans into zombies.

Real-life zombies

According to the University of Reading’s Dr. Ben Neuman, a virus similar to rabies could evolve and plaque the world one day. Medical News Today adds to this by saying that some creatures can e described as real-life zombies. These viruses or insects can reanimate after dying.

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