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Women now have more choices when it comes to birth control options. But according to experts, the birth control method should be a good fit for the woman. A good fit means that it should be good for her body and her personality. Daily birth control medication is not a fit for a woman who depends on post notes for her daily schedule.

How free do you want to be?

According to Bethany Golden, a certified nurse-midwife and Ph.D. candidate at the University of California San Francisco, there are still women who cannot enjoy the freedom of finding the right birth control method. If they cannot have hormonal contraception, then they still have very few options.

So how can the complicated process become uncomplicated? The first step is evaluating the product. This means checking how it works, how it is used, and its effectiveness, among other things. You should check its effectiveness from the manufacturer’s viewpoint and the user’s viewpoint. It would be good to watch out for statements such as “forgetting to take the pill one weekend.” The best representation of effectiveness shows how good the method is.

Good contraception is something that one can use, but the term is subjective. It could mean it is good because of its price or how discrete it is.

Adaptation, Frequency, and Intimacy

Golden explains that people can change and adapt since we all can integrate different forms of birth control if we wish to. So the main issue is the desire, motivation and if it is a great tip. A great fit is a balancing act of needs, wants, and personality, but again, personality as a factor may not be the determinant.

Frequency is another element of consideration when it comes to settling on contraception methods. Maybe your sex life is not so active, but you would like to be protected all the time. In this case, an implant or IUD would do.

The next decision is whether to go for a hormonal on non-hormonal method. The gel, condoms, and spermicide are non-hormonal, while the pill, IUDs, the ring, the shot, and the patch are hormonal.

All birth control methods have their pros and cons. Golden states that there are effects that birth control methods have on women’s bodies, but these effects differ from person to person.

Women who do not want hormonal contraception can make use of a gel. Phexxi, an acidic gel, is inserted before sexual intercourse and remains active for an hour. Its efficacy is backed by scientific study; hence the drug was approved by FDA. This gel slows down sperm movement by keeping the vagina acidic hence preventing pregnancy. You need a prescription to use Phexxi. This gel has some side effects, such as minor burning for both sexual partners. 9.8 percent of males reported mild discomfort. The trial participants also reported that the side effects decreased with use.

The efficacy of patches is dependent on a woman’s weight. One such product, Xulane, is only effective if a woman weighs less than 198 pounds. Ella and Plan B also have weight limits. Ella’s is 195 pounds, while Plan B’s is 165 pounds.

It should be noted that there is no birth control method that is 100 percent effective. It is all an intimate choice. It is advisable to speak to your doctor to help you weigh your options. Golden says that the trick is to find what works for you.

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