Severe Cognitive Impairment Reduces by 23% in American Women and 13% in Men

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A recent study discovered an abrupt decline in the rate of Alzheimer’s disease cases compared to previous years. The disease, which targets adults 65 and older, has reduced significantly over the years. 

The study authors revealed that at least 12.2 % of affected Americans in 2008 reported severe cognitive issues. However, this number declined in 2017, when the Americans’ percentage reduced by 10.0%. 

The study authors revealed that the outcome of their survey was remarkable and noted that these decreases presented several benefits for the affected elderly, their caregivers, and close relatives. Even though not too significant, the study gives hope to the U.S. population. 

How the researchers conducted the study

The survey focused on 10 consecutive waves from 2008 to 2017. The survey involved an estimated number of half a million Respondents who lived in nursing homes or were institutionalized. 

Each year, the study authors enquired if the Respondents were experiencing difficulties remembering things or implementing new decisions. The study revealed that the rate of decline was higher for women than for the male gender. 

The female gender recorded a decline of 23% over the years while the men recorded a 13% decline during the same period. Sub analyses carried out on both genders aged 65 to 90 revealed a significant reduction in the prevalence of cognitive impairment; however, men aged 65-69 created an exception. 

The level of education determines the rate of cognitive decline

The study authors conducted further analysis and discovered that at least 60% of the Respondents presented signs of decline cognitive impairment between 2008 and 2017. This decline was attributed to generational differences in educational attainment. 

Various studies reported that each year an individual attains education, the individual’s chances of getting the disease is reduced. In addition, Americans born in each decade obtained more significant opportunities to pursue post-secondary education. 

One of the study’s leading authors, Fuller Thomson, stated that the study authors required more time to investigate the impact of the positive trends and proceed in the future. In addition, the study authors will also require to investigate why the female’s improvement rate is higher than those of the male gender. 

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