Six Top Universities Offering Online Degree In Supply Chain Management And Logistics

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Supply chain management and logistics are one of the most lucrative sectors currently, and for someone considering pursuing a degree in these will enjoy numerous perks. Commercial activities require movement of materials and goods; thus, companies seek supply chain management experts that can supervise their systems cost-effectively and efficiently. If you are interested in supply chain and logistics management, consider earning a degree in this field.

A supply chain and logistics management course equip the learner with knowledge on procuring, planning, and monitoring the movement of supplies, goods, and services. Supply chains are essential in consumption and production in various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and IT. Most importantly, one can earn their supply chain and logistics degree online with all the expertise on the supply chain cycle. Here are some colleges offering online courses on supply chain and logistics management.

Temple University, Philadelphia

Temple University’s Fox School of Business Management is among the colleges offering online degree in supply chain management. They offer training in supply chain design, execution, control, and monitoring. It is a 124 credit program introducing learners to supply chain management principles, logistics management procurement, sourcing, and inventory as well as warehousing.

Florida International University

The university offers an online Business Administration degree in Logistics and Supply Chain management. The course is a 120 credit hour program at a credit cost hour of $329, and students get access to the FIU Global Logistics Advisory Board and Ryder Center for Supply Chain Management.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The university offers an online business administration degree in operations and information management through Isenberg School of Management. Applicants should have 27 transferable course work credit and a GPA of at least 3.0, the course is a 120 credit hour training focusing on business intelligence project management and analytics.

Athens State University, Alabama

Athens State offers an online bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Management. Learners are equipped with knowledge of information technology and information systems in logistics that include customer relationships management, inventory control, and forecasting product demand. Applicants need at least 36 transferable course credits from an accredited institution and a GPA of 2.0, and it costs $246 per credit.

California State University, East Bay

The university offers an online degree in Business Administration, where students focus on operations and Supply Chain Management, General Management, IT, and Finance. Supply Chain management learners can specialize in Supply Management and e-Procurement, Supply Chain Data Analytics, Service Operations, and Management for Quality Improvement. The course costs $295 per credit hour.

Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, Georgia

Kennesaw offers a 120 credit hour online BAS in Supply Chain Logistics degree; the course is designed for learners with an AAY or AAS from a technical or community college. The 120 credits program equips learners with knowledge manufacturing, operations, and logistics and supply chain management. Applicants should have a GPA of at least 2.5, and an associate degree, tuition for the two-year program is $261 per credit hour.

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